My story with the loom began when an interior design teacher came to class with a beautiful garment, a very nice and striking vest. Many of us asked her where she had bought it and she told us that she had done it on a loom.

At that time I was looking  to change my professional life and do a more creative work, get out of the cold computer profession and do something different.

I started studying interior desing and thanks to that teacher who one day appeared with a garment woven on a loom I found my way. Of her classes I learned a lot,  she really inspired me.

From there, without having ever woven into a loom in my life, I began to look where I could buy one, I had no idea! but I found it. A 75 cm loom named “Telar María” that came  in a box and I could take it home on my bike! Just what I needed

And that I did it, a loom and a magazine to guide me in my first steps. What a pleasure! I never imagined that weaving could be so exciting. From here I began to study like crazy, fashion design, textile design, I attended every course I could. And I began to weave my way.

In this blog I will walk that way, you are invited to join me.