My beginning in the world of weaving was with a rigid heddle loom but once you start the journey to the textile world,  the threads will take you to try different techniques and tools and that is the beauti of it, you never know where you going to end up.

We could define loom as any “gadget” where we place threads that will interlace with each other. There are many types of these looms, some more sophisticated than others, which allow us to create different designs.

In this article I will talk about the square loom and the different ways in which I use it to create my designs.

The one I use most is the loom 25 cm by 25 cm (the one you see in the header pic), I like this measure because it is knitted fast and by joining the squares you can get a great variety of interesting designs, to make samples I use one Smaller or simply a cardboard.

In this type of loom, you can use different materials obtaining very different results,  for the draping of the fabric.

Some examples:

Small messenger bag:


Here I used chains made in crochet because the thread I wanted to use was very thin for the design I had in mind.

I used 24 chains of 50 cm long (double the measure of the loom) to create the warp and the same cotton thread, this simple time, as it comes, for the weft.


square loom bagAnd this is the final result, a shoulder bag to carry the essentials. Inside it is lined with cotton cloth, it is always convenient to line them so it has more body.




The blanket of life:

square loomIn the winter of 2015  a charity group on facebook  asked to knitters and crocheters to send squares or entire blankets to a refugees shelter for victims of the conflict in Syria. Immediately I join them with my loom of 25×25. I weave a color blanket  with the wool I had available at home. The project took me 40 squares and it has taken me something like a week to complete it.

There are endless possibilities with the woven squares, you just need to learn the technique and let your imagination fly.

icono-descaga-inglesYou can download the step by step to learn the basic technique of weaving with square loom. If you are interested in learn more about this technique,  please contact me.