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Collection: The loom rhythm

Weaving is my first love in the fiber/textile world. For me weaving is like meditation, the continuous movements, the color, the repetition of the pattern. It makes me lose sense of time and space. Once I have the design clear,... Seguir leyendo →


Notebooks and cases

I love the versatility that fabrics and textiles, you can create a big range of things from clothing to home decor. I enjoy making useful things and because I love notebooks I came up with this small colection. Hope you... Seguir leyendo →


Design, and making handbags one of my favourites things to do at my studio. I like to mix texture to create interesting combinations. When you are creating a handbag design you can play a lot, leting your imagination fly and... Seguir leyendo →

Magic squares

As I commented on a previous post , when you master the technique of the square loom, then you can create many designs, the important thing is to let the imagination fly and if you do not feel very inspired,... Seguir leyendo →


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